Verdant Studios


Athens, VT | 2006
[featured in Spacecraft 2]

verdant studios

This recording studio for prominent recording engineer and musician Pete Weiss, solves specific issues of acoustics while engaging the site and context. An extension of an existing century-old barn, the new structure utilizes a transformation of the pitched roofs in the area: a simple ‘scissor’ truss is mirrored to create both east and west skylights while on the interior, the asymmetrical space allows for a positive scattering of sound. The open end-bay of the structure telescopes views into the rural landscape and creates a rest area for musicians.


verdant roof
verdant scissor roof

A prefabricated  scissor truss is repeated and mirrored to allow for constant illumination throughout the day.
verdant porch

An inset front wall creates a porch-like space for musicians to take breaks within the verdant landscape.  The roof forms echo the existing house on the site.

verdant context

The project takes a deferential role to the larger natural context.


Jinhee Park AIA

John Hong AIA, Andy Hong, Erik Carlson

Don Clark Construction



1948 house coulter house  
1948 house hidden house coulter house braver house