SsD presents Micro-Urbanism an installation at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale

picture courtesy: Alison Brooks

Opening at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale: Micro Urbanism by Jinhee Park.

Location: Cordierie dell’Arsenale.

SsD Architecture + urbanism presents ‘Micro-Urbanism’, and installation that explores a new housing prototype in which self sufficient ‘micro’ units are combined by Tapioca space: shared, ambiguous spaces that provide opportunities for extending the perpetual and behavioral boundaries of individual units. Like the gel around a tapioca pearl, soft intersection between public/private and interior/exterior allow flexible and diverse unit combinations, encouraging longer occupancy cycles and generating a robust social fabric for sustainable community growth. the exhibition aims to demonstrate architecture’s ability to influence economy, politics, culture and environmental sustainability at the scale of an object, and architecture, a city and a territory.

Team: Yoon Cha, Sohun kang, sarah Short, Yujin jegal, Ej Shin.

Supported by Rory McGowan, Connar McGrath from Arup group.

Sponsored by FKAA, Bonjin Lee, Hansol design house, Haenglim