SsD Architecture Unveils Eco-Conscious Residential Design Emphasizing Well-Being and Sustainability : Sundial House

SsD Architecture proudly announces the completion of “Sundial House,” a project by Jinhee Park that seamlessly integrates sustainable living with innovative design. Located strategically between Seoul and Incheon International Airport, the residence is a testament to eco-friendly construction, utilizing light gauge steel framing for minimal environmental impact and swift assembly.

The design of Sundial House is deeply rooted in the principles of solar orientation. The building’s form, featuring a distinctive round cut-out, is sculpted by the path and angle of the sun, maximizing natural heating and lighting. This sun-driven design extends to the pie-shaped sundeck, which serves as a dynamic space for the occupants, responding to the shifting daylight throughout the year.

Within its compact footprint, the house incorporates triple-glazed windows for energy efficiency and thoughtfully placed openings that enhance cross ventilation, ensuring comfort across all seasons. These features, along with the use of solar-powered lighting and recycled aluminum cladding, underscore the project’s dedication to sustainability.

Catering to the client’s needs, Sundial House offers a design that respects both the family’s and their pet’s well-being, with adaptable spaces and accessibility considerations. The result is a dwelling that not only stands as a beacon of sustainable and responsive architecture but also as a personalized haven for its residents.

Floor Area: 1,900 GSF

Site Area: 3,800 SF

Permit Year: 2023