Jinhee Park to speak at the Italian Pavilion of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale

picture courtesy: Resilient Communities_Venezia

19 Oct, 10am – 2:30pm (CEST) — As part of The Resilient Communities project of the Italian Pavilion 2021, Jinhee Park is invited to speak about “urban re-evaluation”.

“This 21st century, characterized by imposing global challenges and great tasks, sees us, architects, directly involved as authors and responsible for the serious environmental and social imbalances that have emerged. The urban context, in particular, is experiencing direly threatening urgencies that require an authoritative and sincere commitment to a Green design, advocating the ecological and humanist role of buildings. Through the voices of some of our international members, passionately dedicated to an authentic sustainable architecture, we will present an as much possible global urban scenario of proposals and ideas, that we hope could be able to stimulate an urban re-evaluation projected towards a kind of redemption. An honest attempt of reconciliation between architecture, nature and society at large, able to enrich an impoverished urban ecosystem in its heterogeneous complexity.”

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