“Bearable Lightness of Being”: A Lecture by Jinhee Park at the Design Symposium

In a continued commitment to the advancement of architectural discourse, Jinhee Park is scheduled to present a lecture at the notable design symposium on December 16, 2023. The lecture, titled “Bearable Lightness of Being,” will occur from 2:50 PM to 3:40 PM.

The session will explore the symbiosis of structural integrity and design aesthetics, reflecting SsD’s dedication to integrating environmental and social considerations into the fabric of urban architecture. The perspective is expected to add a nuanced layer to the symposium’s exploration of contemporary design challenges and innovations.

The event will provide a comprehensive platform for dialogue among industry peers, with Jinhee’s lecture contributing to the collective understanding of sustainable design practices. Her engagement with the symposium is part of an ongoing series of professional contributions to the field of architecture and urban planning.

This lecture underscores SsD’s role as a thought leader in the architectural community and highlights her active participation in shaping the conversation around the future of built environments.