SsD invited to Chungnam Art Museum International Design Competition

Chungcheongnam-do announced the short-list for the final round of the International Invited Design Competition for Chungnam Art Museum. SsD has been selected as one of the six firms to be invited to compete. The competition entails designing a new art museum at the heart of Naepo new-town in between a public library and to-be-built art performing center to function as a power station for arts and culture.

We look forward to creating something remarkable!

Below is the list of selected team:
– Lee Yong-ho (HAENGLIM Architecture & Engineering) + Steven Holl (Steven Holl Architects)
– Jo Do-yeon (D&B Architecture Design Group) + Robert Greenwood (Snøhetta) + Kim Sang-hoon (Shinhan Architects & Engineers)
– Kim Hyun-ho (DA Group Urban Design & Architecture) + Astrid Piber (UNStudio)
– Lee Sang-leem (Space Group) + Yvonne Farrell (Grafton Architects)
– Shin Chang-hoon (Unsangdong Architects) + Bjarke Ingels (Bjarke Ingels Group)
– Kim Hee Jin (Suninterline Architecture) + Park Jinhee (SsD Architecture+Urbanism) + Samuli Woolston (ALA Architects)