Boston Harbor Pavilion

boston harbor model

Boston, MA
[honorable mention, international competition]

boston harbor front

It is the reciprocal edge between water and land that makes an island an extraordinary natural resource and public amenity. As an urban gateway to the Boston Harbor Islands, the structural roof-form or this design becomes a literal/metaphorical reference to this junction of water and land. Where the ‘actual’ site above the Central Artery prohibits excavation, the curvilinear roof-form is reflected onto a polished terrazzo map of the harbor islands implying the shoreline topography. This roof also collects runoff for reuse in the building and landscape while its downspouts become part of a demonstration water/land garden.


folded paper gets stronger

Structural concept:  like a flat sheet, a flat slab of concrete will deflect and fail (left).  Folding this sheet greatly increases its strength.


boston harbor plan

The section of the building transforms from folded to flat – open public space containing ticketing and exhibition areas to private interior space containing restrooms and wash areas.
boston harbor model


boston harbor diagram bostonharbor-map
water reclaiming as social event boston harbor display

A singular shape performs in multiple ways.

boston harbor front

pavilion at night

In the evening, the pavilion becomes part of the linear eventscape illuminating the new greenway.


Jinhee Park AIA

John Hong AIA, Sadmir Ovcina, Frederick Peter Ortner, Erik Carlson, Hyeyoung Kim

structural engineer
Jaeseoung Lee, Weidlinger Associates Inc.


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