Pyeongchang Larchiveum

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Seoul, Korea 

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The strategy of the Pyeongchang Larchiveum is to preserve the original slope of the site, providing a new natural experience defining the Arts Complex. By working with the character of the slope, construction costs can be minimized.  Secondly, the strategy creates a path of movement that encompasses both the urban and natural character of the land. This is an uphill climb during which the visitor can experience various spaces.

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We have made it possible to utilize the given condition of segmented objects between roads across the site as an advantage. To this end, the scattered landscapes are connected to each other by extending paths along contours creating an experience that is naturally continuous. At the same time, the experience of Pyeongchang Larchiveum is extended to adjacent urban areas through the natural conditions of the site.
In Pyeongchang, we are concerned with the production and appreciation of art and the way it is diversified. This should be a rich experience. To this end, a continuous path that winds along the road in and out of the Art Complex allows artists and viewers to walk through the Larchiveum engaging with material in a manner specific to the existing and natural conditions of the site.

Pyeongchang Larchiveum is designed in a way that harmonizes with the surrounding environment and accommodates natural conditions. The Complex uses a structural system of cantilevered retaining walls.The various elevation of spaces alongside the road creates a diversity of conditions, allowing various storefronts generating greater interest by the street. This promenade extends 2/3 along Yeonnam-dong Street, using its gentle terrain to create paths crossing in and out of the various in the Larchiveum. 




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The art walk winds its way internally and externally.

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Weaving in and out of the landscape allows public space to be extended over other areas, such as the quiet side streets where performances open out from the amphitheatre.


Jinhee Park AIA
with Uhlarch

Aida Zouaoui, Project Manager

climate engineer

Shrikar Bhave, Transsolar


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