BAC-Sasaki Exhibition

bac sasaki exhibit

Boston, MA

bac sasaki exhibit
SsD was selected to design and exhibit recent work in the BAC gallery on Newbury Street in Boston as well as teach a cross-discplinary studio as Distinguished Visiting Critics.  Funded by the Hideo Sasaki Foundation, the work revolved around the notion of  ‘socio-structural’ – how structural solutions can converge with ideas of shaping social space.   Large scale models that tested the principles  at a human scale became the center of the exhibit.  Translucent panels lit from within exhibiting additional project images  modulated the view from the active storefront into the gallery space.


bac exhibit
Digital fabrication techniques were used to move beyond the scale of the model to the architectural scale artifact.

bac panels

Illimunated display panels transform the visual grain of the existing storefront to either foreground the  panels or allow views to the objects in the background.




design and construction
Jinhee Park AIA

John Hong AIA, Catarina Marques, Chris Ryan, Leehong Kim, Frederick Peter Ortner, Nathan Fash

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