Simgok House


Simgok House | Sungnam, Korea | 2019
심곡 하우스 | 성남, 대한민국 | 2019

While many contemporary families increasingly live further apart, a poet and her three daughters, each with their own families, found a cozy site in a high-density village where the new and old coexist. In this unique situation, Simgok House meets the difficult demand of connecting the extended family under one roof while providing custom-fit solutions for each family member.

The name of the area originates from the word ‘심곡’ (Simgok). The roof provides a “sky-yard” for all families to gather and enjoy the surrounding mountain view.

Utilizing the slippage in between, the three volumes divide into four distinctively different units that balance southern light, view, and amenities.
The mother’s flat, closest to ground-level access, is double-height with an uncompromising drama. Sister 1 triplex unit is for a couple with two sons: four bedrooms connect to a corridor with doubles as a common area, allowing necessary moments of solitude. Sister 2 duplex unit is for a couple with one son: the communal working and playing spaces and an alcove altar serves the family’s catholic faith. Sister 3 duplex unit is for a couple without kids: double-height atrium and arched threshold leads to the glamorous kitchen.
Stacked interior and exterior stairs maximize space efficiency and shield outdoor circulation.
The peninsular lot challenges privacy and security; elevating the body on concrete columns creates a ‘common ground’ for the residents with an open view from the inside and closed view from the outside. The level difference between neighboring Hanok (traditional Korean house) and garden creates a pleasant centerpiece for the family to enjoy.

Like a slow wink, one can control their exposure without the use of window treatment by distancing their body from the slit windows. The façade composition evolves panoramic readings the activity of the occupants within various ‘faces’ familiarizes an otherwise artificial object.
Jinhee Park AIA
associate architect
Dyne Architects
general contractor
iLEAP Construction
Drapery Consultant
Seung Woo Park
Chang Kyun Kim