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Heyri, Korea [ Featured in Domus and the CreatorsProject ]

‘Cloud’ is an interactive light and sound sculpture that takes what is usually secretive one-way surveillance data and turns it into public art. By tracking to the movement of passerbys as well as to the dynamically changing weather patterns of the Heyri Art Valley, three ethereal canopies come alive when people approach. Patterns of changing light and sound invite one to discover new paths under and between them, inspiring impromptu gatherings or even improvised performances. A ambient whispering invites the public to participate in what is now a public ‘secret.’ When not responding to people, ‘Cloud’ enhances the dynamic experience of the weather: detecting temperature, wind, rain, and humidity, the sculpture takes each of these conditions and creates a new link between human and atmosphere through light and sound.



Movement Sensing: As pedestrians walk to and from the waterfront their movement is dynamically sensed. Light and sound interacts differently with either individuals or groups.




Weather sensing: The dynamically changing weather patterns of the Heyri Art Valley are made more present through light and sound making new links between people and the environment.

The clouds reconnect and redefine a previously lost path between street and waterfront.



A reductive set of components are refined: diagonal columns provide cross bracing, channels house and hide electronics, acrylic rods amplify the l.e.d. lighting.

Jinhee Park  AIA
John Hong AIA, Donguk Lee, Frederick Peter Ortner, Taesoo Kim
interactive design
Jinhee Park AIA + John Hong AIA, LEED AP
sound design
jh0st (sound), wili vorticite (infrapoetix)
structural engineer
Park Byung-Soon
interactive engineer / fabricator

infinite box
mass art
white block
white stadium