SsD teams with Parkkim and Jegong Architects: wins 2nd place in major urban design competition

SsD focused on sustainable low-rise / high-density urbanism for this new waterfront city south of Seoul.  Although the design of the new urban parcels are strategically individualzed and limited in scale, as a whole they work in conjunction with each other in contributing to an overall energy and resource strategy:  By working as a single entity rather than a fragmented whole,  solar energy is harnessed, water runoff controlled, prevailing winds captured for passive cooling, and public space aggregated into a larger cohesive network that links surrounding topographies.

In keeping with this theme that the 'whole is greater than the sum of its parts,' the 2nd place win against four of the largest firms in Korea is  'partial confirmation' that a collaborative of smaller firms can form a strong interdisciplinary team able to compete on an international level.