SsD at Modern Atlanta

SsD’s video ‘Bicycle Ride’ is an animated survey of our recent work and is on exhibit at the Modern Atlanta Museum.  A special thanks to Manifesto Architecture who curated and designed the exhibit.

The idea that architecture is beyond what can be represented in still images has haunted our recent work.  We have recently explored animation as a means to describe the passage of time: the changes brought on by people inhabiting the spaces, the impact of natural elements, the idea of process. But the question remains –  how does one communicate  transformation, experience, and phenomenon, in a globalizing economy where the exchange value of pure imagery remains a driving force?  In fact, even with the promise of the internet and ‘multi-media,’ the iconic still-frame still drives (and limits) how architecture is represented – perhaps even more so today.  Our own work however is moving from three dimensions to incorporating the fourth dimension of time:  How can the sequence of moving through the spaces be part of the everyday existense of the building? How can the architecture itself be abstract enough, not for abstraction’s sake, but in the service of allowing multiple readings and uses? Instead of a series of still images, perhaps our portfolio should become a flip-book.