Monumental Final Review at Harvard GSD

At the final review at the Harvard GSD, we explored the question of ‘Light Monumentality,’ this time more in depth: How can we address monumentality in contemporary terms when societal, material, and urban forces are in flux? Can the monumental be separated from the monument? What is the intersection of the sublime, the ultra-natural, and the urban environment?

Our stellar GSD students presented: Mark Pomarico, Andreas Thuy, Bosuk Hur, Isabelle Nutzi, Victor Amado, Vera Baranova, Hernan Garcia, Fareez Giga, Kyung Ho Won, Arielle Assouline-Lichten, and Glen Santayana Jr. The engaged jury consisted of Shih-Fu Peng, Timothy Hyde, David Salomon, George Legendre, Wang Shu, Yael Erel, Robert Campbell, Lluis Ortega, Richard Peiser, and Ana Heringer, with a special visit from our sponsors from Seoul’s Samoo office, Gigson Rhie and Donghoon Kim.