Jinhee Juries Architect’s R+D awards

jinhee park - r+d awards

…excuse us as we catch up with our news… Last July, Jinhee Park along with Martina Decker and Gordin Gill juried Architect Magazine’s 2012 R+D Awards. The 6th annual competition celebrates innovative research that can potentially produce game-changing results. With the construction industry still at a crawl, the jury was interested in solutions for real-world problems. They asked the questions: “Is it scaleable, is it reproducible?” They were especially drawn to the PV-Pod by Metalab and wholeheartedly supported it for a winning prize. “By using simple weight, it’s a very simple solution,” commented Jinhee Park on the water-filled weight and ballast for PV panels. The product elevantly solves the difficulty and risk of mechanically mounting solar panels to roofs making their proliferation in everyday situations much more feasible and cost-effective.