SsD featured in FastCo: The Perfect Breakup Apartment

fastco design songpa micro-housing

Songpa Micro-Housing has recently been featured in Fastco Design:

“In Seoul, South Korea, a new design for a small-scale housing community makes micro-living look a lot more tenable long term. The 14 units in Songpa Micro-Housing—a mixed-use building designed by SsD… can be combined and rearranged to accommodate life changes. Couples can rent units together. If they break up, they can separate the units. The residential units can even be converted to something that’s not an apartment at all, like an art gallery. “We wanted to make the new prototype of housing in Korea,” says Jinhee Park, principal-in-charge of the project at SsD, a firm based in New York and Cambridge, Mass… The structure, which Park says could be adapted to other countries as well, is designed to feel as roomy as possible, with communal spaces around the apartments and custom, prefabricated furniture that folds into the walls.”

– Shaunacy Ferro, Fast Company
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