Jinhee Park lectures at Princeton University | 14 October


Please join us for Jinhee Park’s lecture ‘Micro-Urbanism,’ at Princeton University School of Architecture.

“As our cities rapidly densify it is undeniable that we now need new forms of urbanism to address new demands. How can a conception of not only provide efficient space and economical value but also flexibility for changing demographics and social values? Micro-Urbanism offers radical flexibility within existing cities in the face of rapid change caused by political, economic, and cultural forces. It reformulates relationships between the essential elements of a city at a finer grain.”

– Jinhee Park, principal SsD

When: 14 October, Wednesday 6pm
Where: Betts Auditorium, Princeton University School of Architecture S-110, Princeton, NJ 08544
The lecture is free and open to the public  » click here for more info