SsD Awarded the 34th Seoul Architectural Award

Aerial view of Songpa Housing with Seoul's urban context
Aerial view of Songpa Housing with Seoul’s urban context

Songpa Micro Housing
Seoul, Korea | 2014

[우수 (Great) Prize, the 34th Seoul Architectural Award, Seoul]


The Seoul Architectural Award has a mission to appreciate and encourage the public value of good architecture, which improves the quality of life as well as contributes to the development of building technology and architectural culture of Seoul.
The Slogan of the 8th Seoul Architecture Festival is “People, Culture, and History”. The Songpa Micro Housing is a project that provides a more communicative and sustainable living styles to its residents. It mines the discrepancy between maximum floor area ratios and maximum zoning envelopes, in order to extend the limits of the housing unit to include semi-public circulation, balconies, and the thickness of walls. Like the ambiguous gel around a tapioca pearl, this ‘Tapioca Space’ becomes a soft intersection between public/private and interior/exterior, creating social fabrics between neighbors. It also allows users to choose to live in a single “unit block” or a larger configuration of combined blocks, to serve the changing living and working situations.

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