SsD featured in Ways of Life at Experimenta Urbana/Documenta ’14 Kassel

Kassell, Germany | July 5 2017
[Ways of Life: Experimenta Urbana, Co-Event Documenta ’14 ]

SsD is one of 20 architects around the world to submit a prototype for the “Ways of Life” exhibition at Experimenta Urbana in conjunction with Documenta ’14.

How do we live and work today, in conjunction with nature?

Ways of Life is an investigation into the new condition of working in close proximity in nature. The time ‘after work’ was traditionally where ‘life’ began. Today, the line between work and life has never been so blurred. More people now work from home than ever before, which has also enabled a new nomadicism into the countryside and nature. The following emerging offices from around the globe have been asked to develop a prototype dwelling that immerses work in nature while clarifying the relationship between work/ life and the individual / collective.

Opening Reception:  July 5, Kassell Kultur-Bahnhof
Exhibition on view: Through summer